• Kylie Hushbeck

Radio Public Service Announcement

Updated: May 14

This is a piece from my Media Writing and Storytelling Class. Take Control Initiative and the Tulsa Community Foundation are only inspiration and in no way affiliated with this work.

SFX: Baby crying loudly (Two Seconds)

Young Woman: LAUGHS. No thanks, I’m not ready for diaper changing.

Music: Light upbeat pop music starts and continues in background

Young Woman: Luckily, I have an IUD. It’s the most effective form of reversible

birth control. Just one office visit gave me five years of

protection against unplanned pregnancy. The best part?

It was all free. I was educated, empowered,

and enabled to live how I choose. Make your appointment

today by visiting

Fast Announcer Voice: Paid for by the Tulsa Community Foundation (Two Seconds)

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